When I ran to the store…

Yesterday on a visit to target, I was in the aisle looking at the sports bras (yes I need to start working out again and what better motivation than a cute sports bra right?). Out of no where this small light skinned girl popped up next to me, close to my personal space bubble but kids don’t pay attention to those anyways. She was adorable with her hair in two braids. The little girl picked up the adhesive bra and looked up at me. She asked “do you think this will fit?” I replied, “maybe one day” and smiled at her. She thought for a second then put the bra back on the shelf. Before running from the aisle the little girl goes ” you’re really pretty.” I said, “thank you, you’re really pretty too.” Later on as I was leaving the store the girl walked by with her mother. She smiled, waved at me, and said goodbye.

That interaction was so short but just the innocence and genuineness of that little girl made my day. Now mind you I was looking pretty rough with a tshirt, leggings, and the last time my hair had come in contact with a brush was a few days prior, but hey it was just a target run. So I wondered what she saw in me when she called me pretty….a child’s definition of pretty or beauty prior to being told what society thinks?

What is it about society that makes us lose that light? What are we socialized into that causes us lose that childlike genuine love or care for humanity and those around us? That little girl made my day but she also reminded me of the power that words or even a simple act of kindness can have. Love your fellow human beings and if you see something beautiful in someone, speak it. 

Love, Nel.

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